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The Best Garden Centres In Kent

If you’re heading to a garden centre, you want to find somewhere that’s like a plant heaven – packed full of a whole range of different plants, flowers and garden accessories. The last thing you want is to be disappointed by the lack of choice when you get there. So here’s a list of some of the best garden centres that Kent has to offer.

Springhead Nurseries, Gravesend

Springhead Nurseries is a friendly family-run garden centre. They’ve been open for more than 100 years, so this garden centre is a popular spot for those who enjoy the history of the nursery.

They have an impressive range of plants and flowers, and their handmade hanging baskets go down a treat with regular customers.

Stones Garden Centre, Sheerness

Stones Garden Centre is one of Kent’s most popular garden centres thanks to its extensive range of beautiful plants (especially climbers!). This is another garden centre that also sells hand made goods and gifts, which always add a nice touch to a garden centre shopping trip.

Garden World Limited, Sittingborne

Garden World Limited is a much loved garden centre in Sittingborne. They grow their plants on site, and display them beautifully in their glasshouses.

Their collection of pots and garden decorations is also quite impressive, and if you end up shopping till you drop, there’s a cosy tea room to recover in.

The Walled Nursery, Cranbrook

This nursery is a family run business with a friendly atmosphere. There’s a huge range of plants, flowers, and garden accessories, all displayed across 13 different Victorian glasshouses.

There’s also a café, so you can make a real day of visiting this garden centre. They even host gardening events every now and then, like gardening courses, lectures and festivals.

Garden Centres in Kent

Maytree Nursery, Faversham

From shrubs to trees, you’ll find anything and everything your garden could possibly need at Maytree Nursery. And if you’re not sure exactly what your gardens needs, their expert gardners will help you choose plants that compliment your garden’s colour scheme, and might just be able to tell you the best ways to make your garden look a bit livelier.

They also have some impressive garden displays, to help you get inspired to make your garden look the best it possibly can.

The Secret Garden Centre, Birchington

The Secret Garden Centre has a whole range of plants for you to choose from, from garden plants and flowers, to house plants. Whatever you’re looking for, The Secret Garden Centre and their friendly staff will help you find exactly the right thing for your home and garden. They also have a good range of garden furniture made from both metal and wood.

Rumwood Nurseries and Garden Centre, Maidstone

This garden centre is the South East’s largest rose grower, so if you’re a fan of the beautiful flowers, Rumwood Nurseries and Garden Centre is a good place to head.

They also have an extensive range of other flowers and plants, for both indoors and out, and their outdoor living section is hugely popular.

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