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Here’s Why Canterbury Is The Perfect Location For Your Start Up Business

If you’re looking to start a physical business, you’ll be doing your research into which location is best for your start up. You’ll be wanting somewhere that your business will thrive and be noticed; somewhere with amazing opportunities.

What you might not have realised though is that the perfect location could actually be closer to home than you might have thought. Canterbury was labelled the 23rd best location in the UK for start up businesses. But why is it so popular for budding companies?

There’s healthy competition

More and more start ups are popping up in Canterbury, so there are plenty of opportunities for healthy competition. Or, if you’re looking to make friends, even partnerships with other local businesses.

With several other successful businesses in the area, you’ll also have the reassurance that Canterbury is somewhere that a business can thrive, and motivation to outgrow other similar businesses in the city.

There’s lots of support available

With Canterbury being a hub of business activity, there are so many different options for support that start ups can access.

Canterbury 4 Business is a company that offers support and mentors for those just starting out in the business world. Then there’s Startmybiz. This offers advice and information to help you grow your business effectively, and make the most of Canterbury as a business location.

Kent and Medway also have a business fund that you’ll have access to by positioning yourself in Canterbury. They offer 0% loans from £50,000 to small and medium sized businesses in certain areas (Canterbury being one of them).

There’s plenty of talent to hire

Most businesses and companies look to hire employees, and the chances are you’ll need to do the same. The trouble is though that you want to hire the best employees there are.

In Canterbury, you’ll have a huge pool of talented and qualified applicants to any job opening you publicise.

With the University of Kent nearby, there’s always a class of newly graduated, talented individuals, looking for a career in a business just like yours.

Canterbury hosts several leading business events

From networking events, to business conferences, to Digibury, the popular business event, Canterbury is host to so many events that can help your business thrive.

These events will give you the chance to learn more about other businesses as well as your own, and meet likeminded entrepreneurs in the area.

With so many events taking place in the city, Canterbury is definitely on the rise in terms of its notoriety in the business world.

You’ll never be short for customers

Whether your business model is based on B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) transactions, you’ll find all the customers or clients you could need in Canterbury. If your business model involves selling or working with other businesses, Canterbury is the perfect location for you. There are businesses of all sizes and ages all around the city. By being located close by, you’ll be able to form personal relationships with them.

Or, if you’re looking at selling to consumers, you can make the most of Canterbury’s population of 160,000 people. Canterbury is known for being a fairly wealthy city, so many residents have more disposable income than people living in other areas.

As if that isn’t reason enough that Canterbury is a great location for a B2C start up, there’s also the fact that the city is a popular tourist destination. How does this help your business? There are over 7 million visitors to Canterbury each year. All of those visitors can be considered possible customers when they pass through Canterbury. This will widen your pool of potential consumers massively.

Canterbury As A Hub Of Business Activity

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