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The Top 5 Nature Walks In Kent

For those that like to experience nature first hand on a good hike, Kent has some beautiful scenery that’s perfect for the avid hikers and ramblers out there.

Cattle Grid on Kent Nature Walk

Whether you just fancy a quick stroll to get your nature fix, or something a little on the longer side, Kent has so many amazing walking routes. Here are some of the best nature walks in the county.

1: Reinden Wood – Densole

Reinden Wood is one of the most beautiful walking routes that Kent has to offer. It’s a great place to walk all year round. In Spring and Summer, you’ll see wild flowers lighting up the woods with different colours. In Autumn you can walk over golden paths of fallen leaves, and in Winter you’ll be sheltered from any wind and rain by the trees.

There’s plenty of photo opportunities to be had on this walk, and it’s a dog-friendly walking route.

2: Toys Wood – Westerham

Toys Wood is another forest walk, but it’s a popular route for walkers, cyclists, and even horse riders.

You can walk through dense woodland, and enjoy views of Toys Hill and the Bat Tower that’s so crucial to the local wildlife.

To show just how special this route really is, it’s the place that inspired Octavia Hill to found the National Trust. Take a stroll through Toys Wood and you’ll soon realise why she was so keen to protect the beautiful nature around Toys Hill, and make it into a trail that everybody could walk.

3: Sevenoaks Hiking Trail – Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks is definitely one of Kent’s prettiest places, with countryside homes to admire, paths lined with trees, and farms to stop by. There’s even muddier path options to take for those who want to stray slightly into the wilderness.

If you go walking here in Spring, you’ll find bluebells dotted around the footpaths, making the walk even more idyllic.

4: The Viking Ship ‘Hugin’ – Ramsgate

This is a walk to the cliff top at Pegwell Bay, where there’s an impressive Viking ship replica, which has been fondly named ‘The Viking Ship Hugin’.

This is a great walk for families to take, as you can walk for as long or as little as you want over the cliffs, with beautiful views out to sea. Children also love exploring the Viking ship, and learning about the history of the Viking invasion.

5: Elham Valley

There are several different paths you can take around Elham Valley, all with beautiful sights. If you fancy a real adventure though, there’s a 10-mile trek to be had from Elham to Breach Down and back again.

It sounds strenuous, but you’ll pass by some stunning sights, and you’ll feel great for doing it. You’ll walk by green and golden fields, Elham church, and there’s several pubs along the way for refreshment stops.

If you don’t think you can manage the full round trip though, there’s always buses you can take to shorten the walk a little. So whatever your walking abilities, you can still enjoy the sights between Elham and Breach Down.

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