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How To Turn Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland

We’ve almost reached that time of year again, where we hurry to put up Christmas decorations, and make our homes as bright and festive as can be.

If you want your home to look and feel truly magical this Christmas though, it’s going to take a little more than a dash of tinsel. Here are a few ways that you can turn your home into a real winter wonderland!

Sometimes, less is more

We all get a little over excited when the Christmas decorations come out, and it can be tempting to use as many decorations as your house can possibly hold. But sometimes, it’s the magic of individual pieces that can make your home look truly special. Using every single Christmas decoration you can find might make your home look more cluttered than magical.

Colour code your Christmas decorations!

The ‘less is more’ rule applies to colours as well as quantity of decorations. The chances are, your Christmas decorations are all different colours. So our tip is not to use them all!

Picking a colour scheme for your home can make your decorations look much more effective. Okay, so you might not get to use all of your favourite decorations this year, but you can always alter your colour scheme from year to year.

Don’t forget the fairy lights

Tinsel and hanging ornaments are great ways to decorate your home, but if you really want to make your home look special, you’ll need fairy lights.

Fairy lights bring a warm glow into the home that isn’t there at any other time of year – they make your home feel cosy, and they bring back some child like magic.

Christmas Fairy Lights

Add some natural looking decorations

If you really want your home to have the wow-factor this Christmas, consider adding some natural looking decorations.

There’s nothing wrong with bright green and gold tinsel, but with more natural pieces, your home will look authentically wintery. Try snow covered plants, or a beautiful wreath, or you could even plant icicles around the house!

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