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5 Surprising Uses For Mayonnaise

You might have seen that for the first time ever, ketchup is no longer the UK’s favourite sauce. That title has been passed to mayonnaise. It’s news that shocked some, and bored others, but if you want some truly interesting mayonnaise related news, here are some surprising uses for the popular sauce that you had no idea about.

You’ll never look at mayonnaise the same way again, and you’ll definitely have some interesting conversation starters.

1: Kill head lice

Head lice treatment can cost a bomb, but mayonnaise is a cheap and perfectly natural home remedy to get rid of these unwanted critters.

So to get rid of them, rub mayo into your scalp before bed, put on a shower cap to protect your pillows, and head to bed. Your hair isn’t going to smell great, after all, there’s a reason they don’t make mayonnaise flavoured shampoo, but it’s only for one night.

In the morning, have a shower and wash it all off. You should then find that your head lice have all moved out. You can repeat this process if need be though.

2: Hair conditioner

This is another use that involves you rubbing mayonnaise into your hair, but it’ll be worth it in the end. We all search high and low for a hair conditioner that genuinely makes our hair smooth, silky and less frizzy, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to find.

Mayo may not come in a pretty bottle, or smell of raspberries, but it’s one of the best conditioners you’ll ever try.

Rather than rubbing it in and washing it out instantly though, this works best if you leave the mayonnaise to sit in your hair for around 30 minutes before washing it out. Once you’ve done that, your hair will feel softer and silkier than ever before.

3: Moisturiser

If you suffer from dry skin, mayonnaise can be the perfect solution. Rub it into your skin as you would with regular moisturiser, but then rinse afterwards. This should help you tackle any areas of dry skin, and keep your skin silky smooth.

4: Treat squeaky hinges

Everyone knows how annoying a squeaky hinge can be, but not many people know how to stop it from squeaking.

With mayo, you can easily and quickly silence any hinges around your home. Just rub it onto any hinges with your finger, then open and shut the door a few times so that it sinks into the hinge, and wipe it clean. Your door should then open and shut without a sound.

5: Gloss your pot plants

If you have lots of pot plants around the house, you probably know that they easily get dusty and faded.

Mayonnaise can be used to put a shine on your pot plants. Just rub a little of the sauce into your pot plant’s leaves and you’ll see a noticeable improvement.

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