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4 Reasons To Support A Local Charity

Giving to charity is a good thing to do, everyone knows that. But there are so many different good causes out there that it can be difficult to know which cause to put your time and money into helping.

There are nationwide and global charities that raise a lot of awareness and get a lot of support, but local charities are often overlooked. Here are a few reasons why you should support local charities and causes that are close to home.

1: Local charities rely on local support

Nationwide and global charities already have a lot of support from all over the world, but local charities don’t always get as much recognition. Most local charities rely on local people and businesses for support, rather than those all over the world.

The point is, local charities would struggle to exist without the support of local people. So if there’s a local cause that you believe in, help it thrive!

2: You’re more likely to see the difference your support makes

Often, you give to a charity, but never actually see the impact that your donation has. With a local charity, you’re more likely to see an improvement in your cause.

Whether you support a charity that’s working towards improving your community, community facilities, or perhaps helping local people, you’re going to see those improvements as you walk down the street, or meet local people.

3: Local charities usually give a higher percentage of donations to the actual cause

It might come as a surprise that charities don’t always give all of the money they raise to the actual cause. In fact, some charities only put 10-20% of the money they raise to charitable use.

However, with local charities, there are less administration costs, and they’re often run by local volunteers. This means that a higher percentage of your donations can be given to the actual cause.

4: There are different ways to support a local charity

With charities that are based hundreds of miles away, the only thing you can really do to support their cause is donate money. But with local charities, there are so many different ways you can show your support.

Of course donating is still a good option, but you can also volunteer your time to help organise and run events and fundraisers. You can get involved in all sorts of ways, because local charities are based so close to home.

Helping A Local Charity

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