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The Charm Of Fordwich: Britain’s Tiniest Town

Canterbury is Kent’s only city, and it’s one of the county’s most visited destinations. But just outside of the city is a slightly less well-known town, Fordwich. It’s the smallest town in the UK, and one of the most beautiful.

With a population of only 381 people, it’s so small you might not even consider it village size. But that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty to see and admire there.

Fordwich’s Historic Appeal

Fordwich’s roots date back to the middle ages, when it was the main port for Canterbury. In fact, it’s where the stones for Canterbury Cathedral were landed in the 12th and 13th century.

The town has had its ups and downs though. It lost its status as a town in 1880, because it no longer had a mayor and corporation. But it didn’t remain that way for too long, as in 1972 people realized that Fordwich’s historic significance meant that it deserved to recognized as a town.

Now it’s one of the most charming towns in the UK. The streets are lined with historic houses, each with a story of its own. The Town Hall is one of the town’s most interesting buildings, dating back Henry VIII’s time. It still has all of the original interior timbers, so it’s definitely a sight to behold for any history fans.

The Natural Scenery

What makes Fordwich even more enchanting though, is the fact that it’s surrounded by beautiful natural sights. It’s set in the country, so there’s open green space all around. The town also features a stone bridge over the River Stour, so even a short walk around the town is going to reveal what a magical place Fordwich is.

A visit to Fordwich is a much welcomed break from the chaos of everyday life in other towns and cities. It honestly is like a fairytale town.


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