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Why Everyone Should Take Part In Veganuary

Veganism is undoubtedly on the rise, and this year Veganuary has hit the UK like a storm. Veganuary is basically a movement encouraging people to go vegan for the month of January, a lot like the idea of sober January.

The term ‘vegan’ is a controversial one – it sparks interest and fondness for some people, whilst others get positively furious at the mere mention of veganism.

But regardless of your standpoint on veganism as a whole, Veganuary could be a great way to start the year, and here’s why.

Give your body a break

As long as you plan your diet and make sure you get all the right nutrients, there’s no denying that a vegan diet is better for the human body.

By going a month without meat, it’ll be like giving your digestive system a break. Meat causes inflammation in your body, so by foregoing meat and animal products, you’re giving your digestive system a chance to recover from all of the meat-heavy meals of winter.

Try a new lifestyle

Veganism is a lifestyle choice that’s on the rise, so it makes sense that we should all try and understand it a little better.

Vegans rave about the health benefits, so there’s no harm in trying to experience these benefits for ourselves.

Plus, by trying veganism for yourself, you’ll be able to make your own mind about whether or not the movement is a good thing.

If you want to try some of the best vegan food in Kent, check out our article on Kent’s best vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants!

Do your bit for the planet

Farming and the animal product industry create more greenhouse gas emissions even than cars. So the more people that join in Veganuary, the bigger the environmental impact of the movement.

It’s a great way to lose a few pounds

Meat and animal products can be really fattening. But with a vegan diet, there’s a lot less ‘bad fats’ involved. So if you’re hoping to lose a few pounds this year, going vegan for a while can be a great way to kick start your progress.

You’ll be more appreciative in February

If nothing else, going a month without animal products will mean that when you return to your usual diet in February, you’ll appreciate it all a whole lot more.

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