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Top Tips For Maintaining Your Property In Winter

The winter months and the colder weather can give your home a battering. Just like we need a few extra layers, our houses also need a bit of extra attention during the colder months.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landlord, you want to make sure your property can withstand the harsher temperatures and blustery weathers. So here are some top tips for maintaining your property in winter.

Keep an eye out for any damp issues

Damp is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It happens when your rooms are too humid, when the warm air circulating in your home hits the cold walls. So you can see why you need to keep an eye on it in winter.

Check for signs of damp like damp walls, black mould growth or musty smells. And take precautions like opening a window to let in some fresh air every now and then, and close the kitchen door when you’re cooking to trap steam. This way, you’re a lot less likely to have to deal with a damp problem.

Clean your guttering

For the last few months, leaves have been falling from trees like there’s no tomorrow. And if you live in an area where there’s lots of trees surrounding your home, the chances are there’s at least some dead leaves clogging up your guttering.

You need your guttering more in winter than any other time of the year. We all know how much it rains in England, especially in winter, so you’re going to need your guttering to be clear if you want the water to drain away properly.

Look after your piping

Pipes might seem pretty sturdy, but if a section of your piping becomes frozen, you could have a serious flooding and damp problem on your hands if a pipe explodes.

Insulate your pipes to stop them from freezing, and if you’re going away for a while, resist the urge to turn your heating off completely. You don’t want to come home to frozen pipes.

Frozen Pipes In Winter

Bleed your radiators

This one is more for the benefit of those living inside your home. We all love to crank up the heating when the temperature drops, so bleed your radiators to get rid of any trapped air. This should boost the effectiveness and the efficiency of your heating – allowing your radiators to fully heat up, and lowering your bills.

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