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How To Market Your Rental Property To Millennials

If you want to find the perfect tenants for your rental property, it’s worth thinking about who you want to rent to. Millennial renters are on the rise, thanks to unattainable house prices, so they’re a good group to market your rental property to.

With so many options for renters though, you need your home to stand out if you want to find the perfect tenants. So here are some top ways that you can market your home to this new generation of young renters.

Advertise your property online

Most millennial renters don’t bother going into a real estate branch to find themselves a home, instead they just search the online world until they find the home they like. So if you want your rental property to be easily found by millennials, make sure you advertise it on online platforms like Rightmove.

Allow pets in your rental property

A large percentage of millennials have pets, so by allowing pets in your rental property, you’ll widen your pool of potential tenants. Landlords are often cautious about allowing pets, but pet owners are usually a lot more responsible than many other tenants. Allowing pets will also prevent tenants trying to sneak them in and hide pets from you.

Make sure your kitchen is fully functional

Millennials love to cook, and when browsing potential rental properties the kitchen is often the selling point. Make sure your kitchen is fully functional with modern appliances, and tenants will be sold on the possibility of a lifestyle where they can comfortably cook at home.

Cooking At Home

Make sure your rental property has space for entertaining

For millennials, socializing is an important part of everyday life, and so properties with space for entertaining go down a treat. With a space that promises social evenings, dinner parties and the likes, your rental property will be a popular choice for millennials, and you’ll have your pick of tenants.

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