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10 Fashion Tips To Perfect Your Autumn Look

Over the last few months we’ve all gotten so used to wearing our favourite Summer clothes. Now that the season’s changed, you might be struggling to get into the swing of Autumn fashion.

Here are 5 fashion tips that can help you perfect your Autumn Look, so that you can look flawless in minutes.

1: Wear a scarf

Scarves are the one accessory that so many of us wait all Summer to be able to wear again. They can dress up an outfit that otherwise wouldn’t have much too it, and can even act as the centrepiece of your outfit. Plus, they’re super cosy to wear.

Wearing An Autumn Scarf

2: Try a waist belt

Oversized jumpers, or jumper dresses are amongst our favourite Autumn fashion items, but they have a tendency to look overly casual.

Try jazzing them up with a waist belt, and you might find that your casual outfit just became smart casual. Waist belts can add shape and style to a plain outfit, and help you feel both comfortable and fashionable.

3: Get yourself a baker boy hat

Even those of us who love Autumn get a little frustrated when blustery wind ruins our hair for the day, and wearing a hat can be the perfect solution.

Whether you want to cover up a bad hair day, or stop your hair style from being completely blow away, a baker boy hat is a stylish way to keep you warm and protect your hair.

4: Jazz up an outfit with a long necklace

None of us want to be wearing low necks or short sleeves when the colder weather hits, but full on jumpers aren’t always that flattering.

One way to make them look a little more stylish though is to don a long necklace. This can add some sparkle to your outfit, and make your comfy jumper or oversized top socially acceptable for a night out.

5: Neutral colours are ‘in’

You might have enjoyed rocking up to events in brightly coloured or outlandish outfits in Summer, but in Autumn, you might want to tone it down a bit.

Bright colours are typical of the summer holiday season, when the sun’s shining, but if you wear the same colours in Autumn, people might think you a little eccentric.

It’s better to stick with neutral and natural colours in Autumn, to match the beautiful colours of the season. Reds, greens, browns and oranges are great choices if you really want to rock the Autumn look.

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