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New Year, New You! Top Tips On How To Reinvent Your Look

The new year is coming up, and it’s the perfect chance to reinvent your look and start afresh. Changing your style can be difficult, maybe you’re not sure where to start, or you’re worried about how people will react to your new style.

But to help you successful reinvent your look, and find the new you, here are some top tips to see you through the style change.

Find a style icon

If you’re not sure where to start, but you know you want to make some changes to your style, have a google, or flick through some magazines, and find yourself a style icon. It doesn’t matter who they are, all that matters is that you want to go for the sort of looks that they’re pulling off. Once you have a style icon, you can check out their outfits, and find similar outfits for yourself.

Have a clear out

Clear out all of the clothes you no longer wear, or even all of the clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore. If you’re trying to move away from a certain style, don’t let yourself be tempted in just wearing it anyway.

By having a clear out, you’ll have a lot less clothes left in your wardrobe, so you’ll have space for your new clothes. It also means you’ll feel like you have to go shopping, because otherwise you’ll be left with nothing to wear.

If you’re nervous, reinvent your style bit by bit

If you’re going for a drastic style change, be it your hair, clothes, makeup, anything, it’s normal to be a little nervous about doing it all at once. Your friends will hardly recognise you!

It can be easier to change your style bit by bit, so that you can gradually get used to each style change.

Wear your new style with confidence

Whatever your new style consists of, no matter how bold it is, wear it with confidence. Confidence can make anything look good, and if you’re hesitant and shy about your new style, it won’t seem very ‘you’ at all.

Wearing Your New Style With Confidence

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