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5 Easy Ways To Bring Autumn Into Your Home

Now that we’ve had the first week of Autumn, we’re ready to welcome in the cooler months. A great first step to waving goodbye to Summer for the year is to bring a little of the Autumn season into your home.

Here are 5 easy ways you can bring Autumn style and scents into your home.

1: Fill your home with candles

Don’t go too overboard with this one or you’ll make your home a fire risk. But having a few well placed candles around the house can add the perfect Autumn glow to your home.

They can make your home feel cosy and warm of an evening, adding a warmth that usually lighting can’t.

The great thing about candles is that you can choose ones with autumnal scents, so that your home even smells seasonal. Spiced pumpkin or cinnamon scented candles are a classic Autumn choice.

Autumn Glow By Candlelight

2: Decorate with Autumn colours

Whether you’re up for repainting, or you just fancy a change of curtains or duvet covers, you can make little changes around the house to decorate your home with Autumn colours.

Natural colours and warm tones are all the rage in this season. Reds, browns, oranges, even greens, they’re good colours to stick to whilst the leaves are falling.

Autumn Colours

3: Spend a little time in the kitchen

We all lead busy lives and it’s not often we set aside a little time to bake a seasonal dish. But baking an Autumn themed meal or dessert for the family can make your home feel even more homely as the cooler weather kicks in.

Plus, the scent of something homemade will fill your home, is there anything more idyllic?

Fruit crumble is the perfect thing to bake in Autumn, using seasonal fruits and turning them into a warming dessert. Anything cinnamon or pumpkin flavoured, as well as recipes with different spices are also a good choice for Autumn baking.

4: Bring out the blankets

Blankets and throws can make your home feel warmer and more inviting. They’re a welcomed soft touch after a trip outside in harsh weather.

If you really want to make these match the Autumn theme of your home, choose blankets that match the colours of the season.

5: Bring the outside in

Autumn is one of the months where we’re most in touch with nature. With leaves falling to the ground, we can truly appreciate the natural beauty all around us.

So a good way to make your home feel more Autumn-like is to bring the outside in. Pot plants and pine cones make great decorative pieces in this season, and potpourri has never been more in fashion.

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