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3 Christmas Tips For Non-Retail Small Businesses

Christmas is an important season in the business world. It’s that time of year when everyone rushes out to do Christmas shopping, and sales go through the roof.

But what if you’re not in the retail business? That doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from the season and its festivities! Here are some business tips for the Christmas period.

Send Christmas cards to your customers or clients

The last thing most people are thinking about at this time of year is business. So a friendly Christmas card (from your business) could be exactly what they need, both to make them feel appreciated, and to remind them of your business and your products/services.

Put a Christmas spin on your brand

People love Christmas, and they love to see others embracing the festive period as well, and that goes for businesses too. Maybe revamp your website so that it looks a little festive, or add a sprig of holly to your logo. Things like this go down a treat with customers and clients.

By doing this, you’ll also subtly let your customers know that you regularly update your information and website, which is particularly important if your business is mainly online.

If your business is more of a physical business, try putting up some festive decorations, or sprinkling some ‘snow’ in the office. This can make clients and customers feel a lot more welcome and willing to buy from you.

Bringing Christmas Into The Office

Advertise your business’ generosity

Christmas is all about giving, and people love to see a business that’s giving something back this time of year.

Not only is being generous a genuinely nice thing to do, but showing a little generosity will encourage your customers to remain loyal to your brand, and you might even gain new customers or clients with the added publicity that comes with generosity.

You could host a fundraiser, and show that you’re supporting the local community, or have a Christmas sale, encouraging them to buy your products/services. One of the best ways to boost engagement with your brand in the run up to Christmas is to hold a competition. When better to host a giveaway than in the run up to Christmas, the season of giving and gifts?

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