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Polhill Garden Centre Opens Its Own Smokin’ Hot ‘BBQ Showroom’

An award-winning garden centre in Sevenoaks is hoping for a sizzling summer after it became the first in Kent to open a new ‘BBQ showroom’ with a live demo cooking area this week.

Polhill Garden Centre, on London Road, has expanded its already huge floorspace to add a new area solely dedicated to barbecues.

The new showroom is home to nine BBQ brands including gas, charcoal, smoker or pellet, and includes a ‘live’ cooking area.

Brands will be carrying out live demos for Polhill customers about not only how their BBQs work but also providing cooking tips on how they can serve up the most delicious steaks and burgers this summer.

Polhill has added five new BBQ brands to its offering this year including Pit Boss, Ooni, Whistler Grills, Louisiana Grills and Napoleon, alongside Traeger, Weber, Norfolk Grills and Grillstream.

Josh Novell, director at Polhill Garden Centre, said: “There has always been a great selection of BBQs available for customers at Polhill Garden Centre, but now, no matter what their cooking style might be they will be sure to find the one for them.

“The most exciting element about the new BBQ showroom has to be the live cooking area. Several brands are booked in to hold live demos in the showroom to demonstrate just how great their BBQs are, as well as how good the food can taste. Ooni are here to do a live demo on August 14.

“The Polhill BBQ team will also be firing up the grill on a regular basis so customers can learn the different processes of smoking, grilling or even pizza making.”

Polhill Garden Centre was founded in 1964 by father-and-son duo Jim and David Novell and remains a family-run business. It is now recognised as not only a garden centre but a shopping village too due to the thousands of products it sells.

Polhill has proved a ‘lucky’ place for politicians looking to become Prime Minister as both Margaret Thatcher and Boris Johnson, in 2019, have been visitors to the garden centre on their past respective election trails.

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