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How To Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions 

Most of us can’t help but think about what it is we want from the new year. But it’s one thing to set resolutions, and another to actually stick to them.

Whatever the nature of your goals (personal, financial, etc.), it’s tempting to set wild ambitions that aren’t actually too realistic. There’s nothing wrong with reaching for the impossible, but it’s always good to have a few goals that you’re more likely to achieve.

So to help you set resolutions that you’re more likely to stick to, here are some tips to help you in your resolution-making.

Set resolutions that really matter to you

The most important thing to ask yourself when making new year’s resolutions, is ‘what really matters to me?’ If you don’t fully believe in your resolutions, the chances are, you won’t try nearly as hard to achieve them.

By picking resolutions that really matter to you, you’re less likely to forget them two months down the line, and you’ll do your absolute best to meet the goals.

Choosing Resolutions That Matter

Think about your past resolutions

Learning from your mistakes is actually quite a good way to go about making resolutions. Think about resolutions you’ve made in the past, think about which resolutions you’ve achieved before, and which have been left unattempted. If certain resolutions have been too unrealistic in the past, you might find that they’re still unrealistic.

For example, if massive goals have been too ambitious in the past, maybe try taking baby steps with your resolutions this year.

Don’t let your resolutions be a one-month-wonder

Once you’ve set your resolutions, you might find you want to do everything you can to achieve them as quickly as possible. Whilst it’s good to be excited about achieving your resolutions, don’t let them become a one-month-wonder – exciting and novel for January, but fizzled out by February.

You’ve got the whole year to achieve your goals, so spread out your progress if you can.

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