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Finding Cheap Flights In The January Sales

Everyone loves a good holiday, but jet setting can be much more satisfying if you manage to do it for a bargain price. And you’ll be pleased to know, that January is the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain when it comes to flights.

Here’s how you can make the most of the January sales, and find cheap flights to some top destinations.

Check different airlines and flight comparison sites for sales

Almost every airline and flight comparison site will have sales this January, so check out all the different sales, and see which offer the best deals for your desired destination.

If you want to save time and search for multiple destinations and airlines, try sites like Skyscanner, who have their own sale, and compare the current flight prices of different airlines.

Book quickly!

January sales might last for the whole month, but flights book up quickly, so if you want to secure yourself a cheap seat on a flight or two, make sure you book as soon as you can. The last thing you want is to set your heart on a bargain holiday, only to find it’s sold out.

Be flexible with your dates

It can be hard to find bargains if you only have a few dates that you can travel on. Generally, with flight sales, certain months will have much bigger price reductions than others. So if you want to find yourself a super cheap flight, you’ll need to be more flexible with your dates.

Look at going further afield

If you want to get the most value for money from flight sales, look at traveling to somewhere that’s a little further afield. Long haul flights often have much bigger reductions, and whilst they obviously won’t be as cheap as European flights, you’ll save a lot more money. Plus, European flights are usually fairly cheap anyway.

Finding Cheap Flights

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