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Why Kent Is The Best County For Those That Love To Travel

Most of us love a good holiday, and some of us are complete travel addicts. But when we’re not off traveling, we need somewhere to call home. And the perfect location for those that love to escape every now and then might actually be closer than you think.

Kent is an ideal county to live in for those that like to jet off to new places as often as possible, and here’s why.

It’s not far to the airport

Some people live hours away from their nearest airport, but Kent’s nearest airport, Gatwick, is only a short way away, in the neighbouring county of West Sussex.

So if you have the sudden urge to jump on a plane and visit some far off land, you’ll have no trouble getting to the airport.

There’s also Manston Airport in the county, and whilst the airport is currently closed, there are campaigns to get it up and running again, so it could be key to the future of the county.

You can easily hop on a boat to Europe

Dover is one of the UK’s top ferry ports, and living in Kent makes it even easier to make the most of the channel crossing.

Those living in Kent have easy access to the regular ferries to France and can reach Europe within a few hours. So travel addicts can quickly escape when wanderlust hits, and for those that have to fit their traveling around work, even day trips are an option!

Dover Ferry To France

You can get a train to almost anywhere

Kent is also lucky enough to have great transport links in the form of trains. London can be easily reached, which makes the county a great location for commuters and travellers alike. Being relatively close to London, those in Kent also benefit from the transport links of the big city, including links to other UK cities and even the Eurostar.

Such efficient train connections mean that you can easily explore other areas of the country, or even go a little further afield and take the train to Europe.

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