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Kent’s Top Conference Venues

A good venue can make a conference – you’ll boost the interest, engagement and motivation of attendees. But picking the right place can be harder than it seems.

If you’re planning a conference in Kent, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of perfect conference venues, whatever your needs. Here are just a few of them.

Hadlow Manor

Hadlow Manor is the ultimate conference venue, and it comes with a touch of luxury. What better way to add intrigue and enthusiasm to a meeting than to hold it in a manor?

They have several different meeting rooms, so you’re sure to find a room that suits your conference. Their largest conference room is perfect for up to 200 people, whilst their smaller rooms can accommodate up to 60.

There’s free Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to screens for any PowerPoints, and pads and pencils will be provided. You can even arrange catering for your meeting.

Hempstead House

Hempstead House is both a beautiful and professional venue, with several well-suited conference rooms available. They can accommodate meetings of all sizes, so whether there’s 15 or 150 of you, you’ll be well looked after at Hempstead House. All their rooms are fully functional, with audio visual equipment, air conditioning, and screens to use.

If you fancy mixing business with pleasure, they also offer catering. Their menu is truly delicious and impressive, and a good dish is always guaranteed boost morale.

The Burlington Hotel, Folkestone

This is a good venue to choose if you’ve got people coming from different areas. There are good transport links to London and other cities, and there’s free parking (which is hard to come by nowadays).

They have several different conference rooms, that they’ll equip with whatever you need. They also offer refreshments which can be a welcome treat at meetings.

Weald of Kent Golf Course Hotel and Business Centre

Set in the clubhouse of a golf course, Weald of Kent Golf Course Hotel and Business Centre is a professional and prestigious venue.

There are multiple conference rooms, the largest holding up to 200 people. Perhaps the best part about this venue is the beautiful sights that surround it. The conference rooms all have good views and plenty of natural lighting, which can often make a nice change from the office.

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

Canterbury Cathedral Lodge has some impressive, purpose-built conference rooms. It’s definitely one of the best conference venues in Kent.

Their largest room, the Clagett Auditorium holds up to 250 people, whilst their smallest room, the ‘common room’ (don’t let the name put you off), is perfect for up to 50 people.

There are good transport links nearby, and for those that aren’t familiar with the city, this venue perfectly captures the essence of Canterbury.

Oakwood House Conference Centre

This is a great venue to choose if you’re hoping for a smooth and stress-free conference, and it can accommodate more people than most other venues. Their largest room can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people.

They have 19 different conference rooms, some for up to 4 people, and some for up to 300. They also make sure that any equipment you need is set up and ready for you to use, including electronic screens, projectors, and audio-visual equipment.

You can arrange catering for your meeting, and there’s also a courtyard bar, for those that arrive early.

Fully Equipped Conference Room Kent

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