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Add Your Business to the Kent Lifestyle Business Directory

If you’re interested in reaching thousands of potential customers in Kent, adding your business to the Kent Lifestyle Business Directory is a great place to start. List your business for just £40 (a one-off fee), and you’ll gain exposure and increase website traffic.

Here are some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to add your business to our directory!

Cost effective advertising and SEO

You’ve probably had experience with ads on various platforms, but appearing in a local business directory can be a much more effective way of reaching and appealing to potential customers.

Adding your business to our directory doesn’t involve any recurring cost, so a small one-time £40 investment and you’re set.

Those looking for your services or products can easily find you and your contact details when looking through our directory. Listing your website is also a great way to help your business rank higher on search engines, as you’ll have an extra high quality backlink from a reputable site.

Cross promote your social media accounts

It’s not just your website that people will be directed to when they find your business in the directory, you can also include your social media accounts in the listing. This way, people can explore your business and your services or products in a way that suits them – be that by browsing your website, your Facebook page, your Twitter Feed or even just by giving you a call.

By directing traffic to your social media accounts as well as to your website, you’ll boost your social media following, and in turn, your online presence.

Build your brand’s credibility

When people come across businesses that they haven’t heard of before, they’re often quite wary. Whether you’re selling products or a service, customers want to be able to trust in you and the goods or services they’re paying for.

Listing your business in our directory will show local customers that you’re recognised and well-known in and around Kent.

Market your business in your own words

In your listing you’ll be able to include a summary of what your business is all about, and why potential customers should reach out to you. It’s your chance to really sell your services.

You can use this business description to give people all the information they need to decide whether or not you’re the business for them. And you can also use it to start building a relationship with potential customers. Make sure your business comes across as professional yet friendly, and you’ll start to appeal to customers with not just your expertise, but also on a personal, friendly level.

Get started

So if you want to increase your website traffic, reach new customers, and boost your online presence, head to our Submit Your Business page. It’s a simple five step process, so you’ll be up and visible in no time at all! Our readers will quickly become your customers.

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