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Top Ways To Challenge Yourself This Year For Sports Relief

This year, Sports Relief is back for a whole week from the 17th to the 23rd March. So not long until the fundraising fun begins!

If you’re hoping to get involved and do your bit to help raise money for those in need, challenging yourself is a great way to get people to donate.

Here are some top ideas for how you can challenge yourself and raise money doing so.

Do an ‘athon’

If there’s something you love doing, or something you’re good at, why not try doing it for a ridiculous amount of time in order to raise money for Sports Relief? For example, if you love dancing, take part in (or host) a danceathon. Get your friends together and get sponsored to dance the whole day away.

Any ‘athon’ you choose is going to be challenging, but you’ll really be pushing yourself to the limits, gaining awareness and raising funds for Sports Relief causes. It can also be a great experience, and a good chance to spend as much time as you physically can doing something you love.

Join the National Billion Steps Challenge

The Sports Relief free app is a must-have app for anyone looking to get involved this year. By downloading the app you can join the nationwide Billion Steps Challenge. Don’t worry, you don’t have to achieve a billion steps all on your own. The challenge is a collective one, so the goal is for the people of the UK to collectively achieve a billion steps during the Sports Relief week.

This one is perfect if you’re looking for something to do alongside your everyday routine, or even with friends and family members. You’ll be contributing to a bigger, nationwide goal that anyone can get involved with.

And you don’t even need any step-counting gadgets to take part. So long as you have a smartphone and the app downloaded, the app has a built-in step tracker.

Swim the length of the channel (in your local pool)

Most of us remember David Walliams bravely taking on the English Channel for Sports Relief in 2006. But most people don’t think about undertaking the challenge themselves.

Okay, so it’s probably not realistic for you to jump straight into the sea and start swimming, those that have done it had a lot of prior training. So a more realistic goal to set yourself is to swim the length of the English Channel, rather than the English Channel itself.

This way, you can do the challenge in your local pool, and work out the distance as a number of lengths. The Channel is 21 miles, which works out as 1,340 lengths of a 25m swimming pool.

Row the length of the Thames

Rowing can be an incredibly strenuous sport, so if you really want to push yourself, why not get sponsored to row the length of the Thames., 346km. You could either work at it on your own, or find yourself a team and set yourself a time limit to complete the challenge.

It’s an impressive challenge to undertake, and one that you’ll hopefully get a lot of support for. Plus, you’ll feel great when you finish!

Take part in a fun run

As Sports Relief draws nearer, there are going to more and more fun runs popping up for you to take part in. Why not join one of these fun runs, and get sponsored to not only complete the run, but to complete it dressed as something wacky?

If you can’t find any fun runs in your area, you could always organise an office lunchtime fun run for your colleagues to take part in. You could charge for entry, or encourage people to get sponsored.

Do a sponsored skydive

This is one for those looking for something that’s not just challenging, but absolutely terrifying. When trying to think of the scariest and extreme ways to push yourself, pushing yourself out of a plane is often one of the first thoughts that comes to mind.

Skydiving is an incredible life experience, but for most people, it’s something they’d never consider doing. So challenge yourself to a sponsored skydive and you’ll raise money for charity whilst creating a new, albeit terrifying, memory.

Do a long distance cycle

If you enjoy cycling, it makes sense to set yourself a goal that would not only be a great personal achievement, but that could also help raise money for charity.

You could take part in a cycle-athon, or set yourself a distance challenge, something that would really impress and encourage people to donate. For example, you could cycle the width of the UK, from coast to coast, or even the entire perimeter.

You could do this challenge on a real bike, or you could take to the gym and use a bicycle machine.

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