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5 Tips For The Perfect Roast Dinner

When the colder weather kicks in, it’s out with the salads and light lunches, and in with the roast dinners. But a roast dinner is one of those meals that can either be a real let down, or a perfect end to the day. So how can you make sure your roast dinner isn’t going to disappoint? Here are some top tips for perfecting your roasts!

1: Get a good cut of meat

It can be tempting to go for cheaper cuts of meat, but that’s a decision you’ll regret the second you take your first bite. Cheaper cuts can be gristly, dry, and fatty. It’s worth spending that bit more to get a quality cut that’s perfect for roasting.

Choosing A Cut Of Meat For Your Roast

2: Make sure you moisten your meat

Dry roast dinners are the worst. You want your meat to be juicy and flavoursome, rather than dry and tasteless, so make sure you do your best to moisten the meat before roasting it. Try rubbing oil on your meat, and cover it in foil – this should help it retain the moisture.

3: Spend a little extra time on the roast potatoes

Roast potatoes can be one of the best parts of a roast dinner, if they’re done right. Rather than buying pre-made roasties, use fresh potatoes, and fluff them up in a colander before roasting them. This should give them a little extra crisp.

4: Make homemade Yorkshire puds

Homemade Yorkshire puddings taste so much better than pre-made ones, and you’ll get to enjoy watching them rise. Just don’t open the oven before they’re done, or you’ll have collapsed Yorkshires to deal with.

5: Remember, the veg is just as important as the meat!

Don’t forget to give your veg a little attention during the cooking process. Try not to over or under cook your vegetables, and if you have the time, add some seasoning as they cook.

6: Have something delicious lined up for desert

Of course the roast dinner itself is the main part of the meal, but it’s one of those meals that’s best followed by something sweet. Have something scrumptious lined up, and it will be the perfect end to a delicious meal.

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