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Some Of The Best Bonfire Night Displays And Events In Kent

Bonfire night is fast approaching so you’re probably hoping to plan which firework displays and bonfire night events to attend.

If you’re spending bonfire night in Kent, you definitely won’t be disappointed. There are so many bonfires and firework displays all over the county. In fact, there are so many that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Don’t panic though, they don’t all fall on the Sunday (5th November). So you could even get away with attending two or three different events and watch enough fireworks to tide you over until next year’s celebrations!

To help you plan ahead and decide where to celebrate bonfire night this year, we’ve picked out some of Kent’s top displays and events.

Quex Park Disney and fireworks night, Birchington

This is the perfect bonfire night event for families and any Disney lovers. Fireworks are magical enough, but when you throw Disney into the mix, you’ve got a truly special event.

You’ll get to watch not just one, but two fireworks displays, both of which are bound to have you ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’. The second display is even choreographed to music!

As well as fireworks, you’ll also get to enjoy an impressive bonfire, a bit of late night shopping at the gift and craft marquee, and plenty of stands and vans selling delicious refreshments. The little ones can meet and greet Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, Disney princesses and characters from Toy Story and Frozen. There’s even a funfair for you to enjoy whilst you wait for the fireworks displays.

This amazing event takes place at Quex Park in Birchington, on Saturday 4th November. The first firework display will start at 6:15pm, and the second will begin at 7:15pm, so this event doesn’t have to mean a late night.

Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular

This event boasts an impressive name, and for good reason. It’s one of the most popular events in Kent, being the biggest fireworks display in the South East of England.

Leeds Castle is already a beautiful setting, but with fireworks overhead, you’ll be in complete awe at this display. This year there’s also a ‘Best of British’ theme, so you can enjoy some classic British songs, and celebrate British history.

You can also make a day of this event, as admissions are from 2pm onwards. This might seem fairly early compared to other displays, but that’s because there’s way too much going on for you to make the most of in just an evening.

There’s live music, falconry displays, a maze and play areas for the children, and plenty of different refreshments to buy.

It sounds amazing, right? The event runs on both Saturday 4th October and Sunday 5th October. But if you want to go, you’ll need to get in there quick, as tickets usually sell out fast.

Spectacular Fireworks At Leeds Castle

Gravesend Fireworks

This firework display will run be choreographed to music, so you can have a little boogie whilst taking in the amazing fireworks.

The location of this firework display adds to the magical nature of the event, as you’ll get to watch fireworks zooming and exploding with River Thames in the background.

This display will take place at Commercial Place in Gravesend, alongside the Riverside Leisure Area, on Friday 3rd November. It’s a great display to attend to end your working week on, and welcome in the bonfire weekend. You’ll also be pleased to hear that this display is completely free to watch!


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