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Why It’s Best To Buy Local Honey

You’ve probably heard people say that local honey is best, but why is that? Here are some of the benefits of buying local honey rather than international honey.

There’s less risk of contamination

Usually, you can trust local honey to be just that – honey and nothing else. And if you have doubts, you can always call the producer, because they’re local!

With international honey though, there’s risk of contamination by antibiotics or pesticides.

Beekeepers abroad, especially in eastern countries, often choose to use antibiotics or pesticides to battle and prevent bacterial diseases. There’s even risk of contamination with antibiotics that we don’t approve of here.

So by buying local honey, you can rest assured that you won’t be consuming anything nasty with your honey.

Spoonful of Local Honey

Local honey can cure your allergies

If you suffer from hayfever, local honey can help you overcome your symptoms. So no more watery eyes, or sneezes upon sneezes!

How does this work? Well with hay fever, you’re reacting to the pollen in the air. By having local honey, your body will become a bit more used to the pollen that’s causing your allergies. Pollen from different places can differ, which is why international honey won’t be able to help you build up a tolerance for local pollen.

Even supermarket honey might not help you combat your allergies, as often they’re diluted so much that there’s very little actual pollen in them. This is why local honey sometimes costs a little more to buy – you’re paying for quality.

You’ll be supporting a local business

Despite the fact that local honey is often a better product, honey businesses struggle when the majority of people go to supermarkets for international honey instead.

Supporting a local business is a great way to do your bit for the community.

Having local small businesses in the area can have a much nicer feel than lots of different supermarkets. So by going to local honey producers, you’ll be supporting a fellow local, and helping to keep the character of your community alive.

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