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Kent’s Best Health Food Shops

Health and health foods are all the craze at the moment, but it can be difficult to know where you can go to top up on healthy snacks and smoothie mixes. So here’s a list of some of Kent’s best health shops. Hopefully now you’ll be able to find your healthy snacks a little more easily.

Canterbury Wholefoods – Canterbury

Health food shops often come and go but Canterbury Wholefoods is so popular that it’s been trading in Canterbury for nearly 50 years.

Canterbury Wholefoods is both a health food shop and a cafe, so you can stop for a snack whilst doing your shopping. They sell a whole range of natural foods and products, from nuts, to sweet treats, to drinks, to home remedies and even home products.

Food for Living – Dartford and Sidcup

Food for Living is a health food store with a couple of branches, one in Dartford, and one in Sidcup. They sell a whole range of whole foods, and this store is often a popular stop for vegans and vegetarians.

As well as foods though, they also have a range of healthy body care products, and aromatherapy and natural therapy products. They even offer an allergy and intolerance testing service.

Aromatherapy In Health Food Shops

Maidstone Health Foods – Maidstone

Maidstone Health Foods is located in Maidstone’s Royal Star Arcade. It’s a popular store for vegans and vegetarians, and those with allergies. They also offer vitamins, supplements, and natural body care products. They offer a discount for senior citizens on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Health House – Chatham

This is the oldest health store in Kent, and you can expect to be met with excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff.

They offer a whole range of both products and therapies, all of which are listed on their website, so you can browse online before visiting the store.

Your Good Health – Edenbridge

This is a popular health foods shop, selling lots of different organic and ethical products from loose nuts and grains, to vitamins and supplements, and even cleaning products!

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