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Top Affordable Spots Around The World For Winter Sun 

The colder weather of winter has officially set in. But if you’re not a fan of shivery nights and having to wear multiple layers, you’ve probably started thinking about where you can go to get away from the cold. Here are some top spots around the world that you can head to for some winter sun, without breaking the bank!


Lanzarote is a go-to destination for those on a budget, looking for warmer weather. Whether you’re a beach person, or you prefer a holiday with a bit a culture, Lanzarote has it all. There’s always the option of relaxing and sunbathing. But for the more adventurous, there are natural landscapes to be explored, Spanish culture to discover, and delicious dishes to taste at local restaurants.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for winter sun, the weather is almost guaranteed to be above 20 degrees. So you can relax on the beach, island hop, drink cocktails, or explore the culture that Cape Verde has to offer, all whilst tanning in the sun.


Dubai has so much to offer tourists, from the impressive skyline of the city, to the luxurious bars and restaurants, to the beautiful beaches. And there’s no chance of you being cold here. In fact, it’s likely to be around 30 degrees.  If it gets too hot though, there’s always plenty of shopping malls to be completed.


Another destination in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the largest island the Canary Islands have to offer. There’s the perfect mix of beach and city life, and there’s even plenty of nature walks and natural landscapes to explore. Plus, if you’re looking for something unusual, some of Tenerife’s beaches offer miles of black sand!

Affordable Winter Sun In Tenerife


If you’re willing to go a little further afield, Barbados is a beautiful destination, that will definitely be warm in winter. There are stretches of sandy beaches, luxury resorts, and delicious and beautifully presented dishes to try.

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