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Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips 

Winter is here, which means that we’re in for a season of windswept hair, rain streaked makeup and flushed cheeks. But to help you look your best throughout the colder months, here are some top winter beauty tips.

1: Use an oil based moisturiser

Winter has a tendency to dry out your skin, so make sure you use an oil based moisturiser, and you’ll hopefully avoid dry and flaky skin.

This is especially important if you’re going to be wearing makeup. Without a good moisturiser, makeup can further dry out your skin.

2: Wear a hat!

This is both a fashion and a beauty tip. Hats can look great, but more than that they can also prevent the wind from damaging your hair.

You’ve probably heard that hair dryers are no good for your hair, but what most people don’t realise is that neither are gale force winds!

3: Try to avoid super-hot baths and showers

After a long and cold day, it can be tempting to come home and relax in a steaming hot bath. But as nice as this might feel, it’s not actually doing your skin or your hair any favours.

Luke warm baths and showers are much gentler on your skin and hair, and rather than drying you out, they’ll actually help your body retain moisture.

Colder Showers And Beauty

4: Remember sunscreen

This one might seem a little crazy, especially if it’s -5 degrees outside. But the sun can still damage your skin when it’s cold, especially if it’s snowing! Snow reflects sunlight, so you can still end up with a sunburnt face when you’re wearing a whole load of layers.

5: Stay hydrated!

This might not seem like a beauty tip, but staying hydrated can keep your skin looking healthy and moisturised.

This is particularly important to remember in the winter. In summer, we constantly crave water because of the heat, but in winter it’s easier to forget.

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