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Top Art Galleries In Kent For Art Lovers

If you’ve got an eye for art, you’re probably interested in what Kent has to offer in terms of artistic attractions. A day out at an art gallery makes a welcome change, and is perfect if you want to appreciate beauty in a peaceful atmosphere.

Here are some of the best places to go if you’re an art lover in Kent.

The Little Art Gallery, Broadstairs

As if the name of this gallery wasn’t sweet enough, The Little Art Gallery is full of over 300 paintings by local artists. With so many paintings covering the walls, this gallery has a quaint feel to it, like an artist’s studio.

You’ll also find paintings of all different styles, with all different colours, so whatever your taste in art, you’re sure to find a masterpiece or two that you love.

York Street Gallery, Ramsgate

This ‘not for profit’ gallery has artists’ best interests at heart, providing low cost exhibition space for local artists.

There’s also an authentic feel to this gallery, as it’s the working studio of local artist Mike Samson.

Lovelys Gallery, Margate

Lovelys is Kent’s oldest art gallery, dating back to 1891. That’s not to say though that they don’t house contemporary art, in fact, they have a whole range of pieces from artists all over the world.

As well as being able to admire the art at Lovelys Gallery, you’ll also have the chance to shop for art materials, if you fancy making a masterpiece of your own.

What makes this gallery even more lovely, is that even now, over 100 years after it opened, the gallery is still run by the Lovely family.

The Pantiles Fairfax Gallery, Royal Tunbridge Wells

This art gallery has an elegant layout, which is perfect for showcasing the amazing pieces they have there.

You’ll have plenty of space to roam and admire the work in Fairfax Gallery. Each piece is given the space it deserves to be truly taken in. This gallery is minimalist in design and whilst it houses a fair amount of paintings, it’s anything but cluttered.

The art housed at this gallery is contemporary, but you’ll find paintings from a wide range of different artists.

Art Gallery Displaying Art On White Wall

Lilford Gallery, Canterbury

Another gallery dedicated to contemporary art. Lilford Gallery is the perfect place to see paintings that you’ll admire. You might also find yourself thinking a little deeper into the meaning behind paintings.

They have incredible paintings from a selection of artists that will have you undeniably impressed and intrigued. They also have signed Banksy prints.

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