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Unique And Quirky Ways To Raise Money For Charity

If you want to raise money for a good cause, there’s no reason why you can’t have a little fun whilst doing so. Doing something quirky for charity is the perfect way to help those less fortunate, or a cause that’s close to home, and a great excuse to goof around for a good cause.

People love to laugh, so if you get them to laugh along with you and your quirky fundraising idea they’ll be more likely to want to help your cause.

Here are some fun and quirky ways that you can raise money for charity, whilst also having a good time.

Shoot a naked calendar

The idea of being in a naked calendar might scare the pants off most people, but sponsored events are all about stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You’d also be surprised at how fun the experience can be. Everyone doing the calendar will be in the same boat, and you’ll all laugh off the awkwardness together.

A naked calendar is a great thing to sell for charity, and it’s also a good souvenir to keep and remember the experience by.

Guess the baby

This is a good one to do in the office. Get everyone to pay a small participation fee, maybe a pound or two, and then ask everyone to bring in a photo of them as a baby. Then get them all to guess which baby photo belonged to which colleague. You could offer a small prize as incentive for the whole office to join in.

Guess The Baby Fundraiser

Baked beans bath

People will sponsor crazy things, especially if by giving a little money to charity they get to watch in person the crazy event.

Taking a bath in a tub full of baked beans is enough to make people cringe and laugh, and they’ll want to watch every second of your dip. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to bathe naked, you can always wear a swimming costume.

Get people to sponsor you for every minute you spend in the baked beans bath, and offer them the opportunity to watch either in person or by video. If you’re not sure where the best place is to publicly bathe in a tub of beans, contact local stores, as often stores and businesses will be keen to be seen helping a good cause.

Abseil in fancy dress

Abseiling is another event that people are often sponsored to do, because people love to see others pushing themselves to the limits. So a sponsored abseil has always been a classic fundraising idea.

But if you wanted to take it a notch further, and make it that bit quirkier, why not abseil dressed as something ridiculous? A chicken, a superhero, anything!

Anything out of the ordinary abseiling down a building is going to make people stop and stare, and they’ll be more inclined to give a little money to charity after watching the show. Plus, it’s an experience that not many people can claim to have had.

Wear wellies filled with jelly for a day

This is another sponsored fundraising idea that’s based on putting yourself through something that’s cringeworthy to say the least.

The idea is simple, and it’s bound to make people laugh. Just get as many people as you can to sponsor you to wear the jelly wellies for a day, and it will be a successful and memorable fundraiser.

Jelly Wellies Fundraiser

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