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Top Places In Kent For A Winter Weekend Break

A weekend break in winter can be absolutely magical. A cosy cottage, or a warm cabin is the perfect retreat, especially when you’re in a new area that you can explore. Winter walks in a new area are romantic and exciting, and when you come back in, you’ll appreciate cosying up inside that bit more.

Kent has some beautiful destinations that make for a perfect winter weekend break with the whole family, or just with your significant other. Here are just a few of them.

Ashdown Forest

Where sweeter to get away to than the home of Winnie the Pooh? You can spend the weekend deep in the hundred acre wood, going for crisp winter walks, and playing pooh sticks in the streams. There’s plenty of wildlife to be discovered and walks to be had in the Ashdown Forest.

As for where to stay when visiting the Ashdown Forest, there are so many different options! There are hotels and inns all around, but if you were hoping for a touch of luxury, Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club is a good choice. They have an incredible spa where you can relax in the warm and shake off the cold, a golf course for those who want to be active, and a restaurant for those who appreciate fine dining.

Or, if you prefer to have a place to yourself there are holiday homes, cottages and cabins around the Ashdown Forest that you can stay in. This is a good choice if you’ll be taking the whole family – plenty of space for games and home-cooked meals.


If you’re more of a city person, and you prefer the hustle and bustle of busy streets to a quiet woodland getaway, Canterbury is the place for you to go.

Canterbury is a truly charming location, and one that’s sure to throw you back in time. With the beautiful cathedral lit up and warming the cold winter evenings, the city has a quaint and homely feel to it.

Plus, if you’re planning on going around Christmas time, you’ll get to enjoy the Christmas markets and make it a festive break.

Being a city, there are plenty of places you can stay, including hotels right in the centre! If you’re willing to go a bit further out, there are also cottages you can rent for the weekend.

Canterbury As The Perfect Place For A Winter Break


Faversham is a beautiful and historic town, where you can enjoy cobbled streets, sweet little bakeries, boutique shops and Christmas markets!

There’s also a lot of history to this town, so you can always take the opportunity to go for history walks and learn more about the area. This is a great location for a traditional, cosy and festive winter break.

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